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Wireless self-feeding sensor

harvi is an essential part of the installation process if you want to save time and money.

Its great features, such as eliminating unsightly wiring in the house, prevent walls and floors from being broken up and thus keep your interior intact.

With this intelligent device, the myenergi product family can be installed without using a wired current transformer.


Available via repeat order

No batteries,
no wiring,
just smart and intelligent


Say goodbye to batteries and wires for €65

A smart device

harvi is a smart device that makes it possible to install zappi and eddi without a wired CT terminal. harvi is a self-powered wireless sensor, an indispensable part of the installation process that saves time and money.

No unsightly wiring, no compromise in the interior. harvi installs the myenergi products without a wired CT terminal.

No power required

harvi installs the myenergi products without a wired current transformer (CT); instead, the CT terminal is directly connected to the harvi.

No power source is needed for harvi - the energy is harvested and used to send the measurement signal to the zappi or eddi.

harvi fully complies with the global standards for electricity networks and comes with a 3-year warranty.

Perfect combination

Connect all your myenergi devices with the greatest of ease, go wireless with harvi and manage the energy flow in your home with the myenergi hub & app.

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harvi... the perfect match for all your myenergi products

Make more use of the sun

No batteries or electric wires

With harvi, your eddi can be installed without a trace of wires through the house. This way, energy can also be generated in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Accurate measurements

harvi offers configurable measurement functions for network / generation / storage and delivers fast and accurate measurements

Reliable remote access

Access your devices from anywhere in the world with the myenergi app & hub! Track your import and export information via clearly laid out graphs in one convenient place.

I am a satisfied customer!

I have had a harvi, eddi and zappi for about a year now. I have not found any drawbacks, so I am a satisfied customer.

Easy to install

It is essential that the installation is carried out by a competent and qualified electrician. myenergi has over 200 authorised installers in the Benelux, find one near you with our handy 'Find an installer' tool.

Or contact our service team, who will be happy to help.


Specification Data
CT Inputs 3 inputs enable 3-phase or multi-point power measurement
Measurement Range 25W to 15kW (50Hz AC, import and export)
Energy Harvesting Range 0.2A to 65A (including reactive current)
Accuracy 2.5% typical
Transmission Rate 1s @ 1A+, <10s @ 0.5-1A, <30s @ <0.5A
Wireless Interface 868 MHz (proprietary protocol)
Mounting Location Indoor only (can be housed in an IP rated plastic box if required)
Operating Temperature -30°C to +50°C
Dimensions 98 x 98 x 36
Patented Technology Number GB2562550