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Energy diverter for free water and space heating with surplus energy from your PV or wind turbine.

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Use your energy surplus and save!


eco-smart energy diverter for €549

Don't export, use and save money!

Bring eddi into your home and take full advantage of the 100% green electricity generated by your PV or wind energy installation.

By routing power back to your heating systems, rather than exporting it to the grid, the intelligent eddi makes your energy generation investment more efficient.

Monitor the yield

Your eddi package includes a grid sensor, also known as a CT (current transformer) terminal, which monitors your power generation and directs the surplus to your heating appliances. eddi records all energy saving data in order to optimise consumption and to make continuous savings.

For your peace of mind, there is also intelligent adjustment for off-peak hours with overload and short-circuit protection. Or opt for a wireless installation by combining it with harvi, eddi is thus fully compliant with global standards for electricity networks and comes with a 3-year warranty.

Made for each other

eddi is equipped with WiFi and Ethernet. Easily connect all myenergi devices and control the incoming and outgoing power with the myenergi app.

Explore the app

Why eddi...?

It's easy to install and very user-friendly, with a backlit graphic LCD screen and fanless cooling system. Combined with the myenergi app, you can set timers to use advantageous rates, use the boost feature, monitor your devices and much more!

eddi... the perfect partner for home energy generation since 2017

What makes eddi unique...?

Catch the sun

eddi interrupts the flow of excess produced energy that is fed back into the grid and optimises its use by diverting the energy to heating devices.

Use timers

At certain hours, energy rates are significantly cheaper. With eddi, you can use the built-in programmable boost timers to make sure you get the most out of your PV!

Save for later

Eddi can also be combined with energy storage devices, such as a battery wall. So if you don't need the surplus right away, you can divert it to your storage device for later use.

Remote access

The myenergi app & hub give you access to your devices from anywhere in the world! Using clear charts, you can track your import / export information all in one place.

Calculate savings easily

I am very happy with the data that eddi produces and I can easily calculate savings, in addition to the feel-good factor of saying goodbye to oil.

Thoggie 11 April 2019

Quick & easy to install

myenergi has over 200 dedicated authorised installers in the Benelux. We have a handy 'Find an installer' tool but you can also call our friendly green service team who will be happy to help.

3 year warranty

In addition to our excellent technical service team to answer all your questions, eddi comes with a 3 year warranty. Once your myenergi eddi is installed you will need to register your individual products to take full advantage of the 3 year warranty.


Specification Data
Rated Input Power 3.68kW
Rated Supply Voltage 230V AC Single Phase (+/- 10%)
Supply Frequency 50Hz / 60Hz
Rated Current 16A
Standby Power Consumption 3W
Generator Size Supported No limit (subject to 100A per-phase grid supply)
Heater Load Size 100W min. 3.68kW max.
Economy Tariff Sense Input 230V AC sensing (2.5kV isolated)
Wireless Interface 868 MHz (proprietary protocol) for wireless sensor and remote monitoring options
Grid Current Sensor 65A max. primary current, 16mm max. cable diameter
Supply Cable Entry Rear, bottom, or side option
Specification Data
Dimensions 220 x 205 x 87mm (excluding wall bracket)
Weight 4.3kg (excluding wall bracket)
Protection Degree IP20
Enclosure Material Painted Zintec steel
Operating Temperature -20°C to +40°C
Mounting Method Wall mounting bracket