The story so far

myenergi is at the forefront of innovation and production of UK renewable eco-smart technology. Their brand new innovation complex is located in the heart of the Humber Freeport, the epicentre of green technology in the UK. Myenergi's acclaimed zappi product was the world's first solar and wind compatible electric car charger, truly putting British manufacturing back on the world stage!

Timeline & Milestones

myenergi was founded in 2016 by co-founders Lee Sutton and Jordan Brompton, whose passion for renewable energy drove their vision to optimise the use of renewable energy at home. Anticipating the future of electrification, harnessing renewable energy and behavioural change, they sought to design and produce a range of innovative products that would facilitate this shift. Their product range - all designed and manufactured in the UK - is a family of eco-smart home energy solutions designed for consumers.

myenergi has grown significantly since its inception, from a team of just six in 2016 to a workforce of over 300 today. 2017 marked the release of our first three products - eddi, zappi and harvi - and the establishment of our loyal tribe of customers. A fourth product - hub - was added in 2018, followed by the myenergi app and zappi V2 in 2019.

In 2020, growth really took off; we opened our first international subsidiaries in Germany and Benelux, followed by Ireland in 2021. In the UK, we quickly outgrew our existing premises and have recently opened our new brand new headquarters in Stallingborough, Lincolnshire, with plans for a second 45,000 square metre production facility. Preparations for its construction have already begun.

A global movement of change

From our home to yours

Our market-leading range of energy management products is made in the UK in our own workshop in the English countryside and features British design, sustainability and advanced eco-technology. From invention to design and manufacture - we know our products inside out and can therefore offer the very best in technical support and aftercare. When you buy a myenergi product, you become a member of our family and part of Our Veal.

The Green Team

Lee Sutton - Co Founder & CEO
Dr Chris Horne - CTO
Jordan Brompton
Co Founder & CMO
Jack Fielder - Chief Strategy Officer
Emma Dutton - Chief Financial & Operating Officer
Sparki - Chief of Chiefs & Space Travel Operator

Our passion for creating a better future for both people and our planet has led us to cross paths with TV adventurer and motorbike enthusiast Charley Boorman. Charley, best known for co-hosting the adventure TV shows 'Long Way' with fellow actor and friend Ewan McGregor, recently installed our multi-award winning product 'the zappi'. Charley travelled north at the end of September 2020 to meet the myenergi family. Every department was excited to give him a taste of where all the magic happens.

Take back your energy

We give you control over your generated green energy and create the ultimate eco-smart home.
Convert surplus power from your solar panels to water heating, space heating, a battery or your electric car.
Easy to install, easy to set up, future-proof, with a support team to make it a successful installation.

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