25 May 2022

Charging station at a rental property

Are you considering an electric car? Then it is good to consider how you are going to charge the car. The cheapest way is with a home EV charger. Many people also like to charge the car as close to home as possible. With your own home and your own driveway, this is of course very easy. But what if you have a rented property? Is a charging station for a rented property also possible?

If you own a house, you are the owner of your home and you decide what to do with it and the driveway. With a rented property, the landlord is the owner and therefore has control over the property. In some rental properties, you can also rent your own driveway or parking space in a garage. However, this is not the case for most properties.

Charging station at a rental property

Do you have your 'own' driveway and do you want to install a charging point there? Then as a tenant you will first have to obtain written permission from your landlord. The costs for the charge point in a rented house are generally for the tenant. If you are going to leave the house after some time, the house will often have to be handed over in its original state. This means that you will have to remove the charge point and pay for it yourself. If a subsequent tenant wishes to take over the charge post, other arrangements can of course be made.

In some cases the meter box must be adjusted when the charge point is installed. Often you do not need permission from your landlord, because this falls under 'home improvement'. However, the costs incurred here are also the responsibility of the tenant.

Public charging station

Are you unable to install a charge point at your rented property or does your landlord not give you permission? Then you can request a public charge point from the municipality. Not every municipality will grant your request. Ask your local council about the conditions and rules.

Of course, you can also make use of public charging stations that are already in place. Many shopping centres or public car parks already have charging stations.

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