11 March 2022

Home EV charger

While browsing through our products, you have probably already seen our smart home EV charger, zappi. But what exactly is an EV charger? And what makes zappi so unique? We are happy to tell you more.

How can I charge my electric car?

You use a charging cable to charge your electric car. In the Netherlands, a type-2 plug, also known as a Mennekes plug, is used for electric cars. If you want to charge your car at home, you will need your own charging station or wall charger. Will you be charging your car on the road? Then you often need a charging card or app to make use of public facilities. The charging time depends on the size of your battery in kW and the speed of the charge in kWh. In general, you can charge faster at a commercial station than at home.

What is a home EV charger?

EV stands for Electric Vehicle. The electric car is an example of an EV. So an EV home charger is simply a charger that allows you to charge your electric car at home.

In theory, you can connect most electric cars to your normal power outlet, but this is not advisable. The charging cable can get too hot and cause a fire. You don't want that to happen. To charge in a safer way, it is wiser to choose a special EV charger for your home.

Why should I charge at home?

Of course you can charge your electric car at a commercial charging station nearby, but charging at home is often much cheaper. You pay the 'normal' electricity price. Charging at public charging stations can vary greatly in price. On average, you will easily pay €0.41 per kWh. For a fast charger this is even €0.60 per kWh. With a home EV charger you naturally pay the costs of your own charging post or wall charger.

Another advantage of home charging is that your car is ready for use. It costs you little effort to charge the car and you do not have to look for a charging station.

Is a home EV charger safe?

When you buy your EV home charger and have it installed by a certified installer, you can use it safely to charge your car. The strict European regulations that a charger must comply with mean that you can use it safely.

Our zapp is also the only home EV charger with built-in PEN fault technology, making it the safest choice when it comes to electric charging. It doesn't require any grounding pins, so there's no extra cost and it's easy to install your charger. With zappi you can also control, monitor and update your charger from your phone, tablet or computer.

What makes zappi unique?

Zappi is the world's first home EV charger that works with your solar panels. With the help of a small device called harvi, your surplus of self-generated energy does not go directly back to the grid, but it is first checked whether it can be used by your own devices. So with zappi, you can charge your electric car with your own solar energy. If you combine this smart home EV charger with our innovative eddi, you can also heat your water with your own solar energy.

It is not necessary to have solar panels to use Zappi. Even without solar panels, this smart home EV charger is a good investment. The advantage of zappi is that the system can be set to off-peak tariffs. This way, you can charge your electric car during the most advantageous times.

How does zappi work?

In the following video we show you how the home EV charger, Zappi, works:

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