14 February 2022

Buying an electric car: 4 tips

More and more people are interested in an electric car. Not only the environmental benefits, but also the rising fuel prices and growing supply play a role in this. But what do you look for when buying an EV? With an electric car there are different things to consider than with a diesel or petrol car. Are you going to buy an electric car? Then read these tips.

By the end of 2021, there were 381,815 electric passenger cars on the road. That is three times as many as in 2016. The electric car is going to play an increasingly important role on our roads. Second-hand electric cars are also becoming increasingly popular. So it is not surprising that more and more people are looking for information about buying an electric car.

I want to buy an electric car, what do I look for?

There are a number of things to consider when buying an electric car. We have listed some of them below:

Does the car suit your use?

Probably the first thing you look at is the price of the car. Of course, that plays an important role, but the price should be in proportion to your needs. What do you want to use the car for? Do you commute to work every day or do you use the car mainly to take your children to the sports club? Work out how many kilometres you will drive each day. Ideally, the electric car you choose should be able to cover this number of kilometres on a single charge. Buying an electric car and then finding out that it doesn't suit you is obviously a waste.

Tip: As a private individual in the Netherlands, when purchasing an all-electric passenger car or a private lease car, you may be eligible for the Subsidy for Electric Cars for Private Individuals (SEPP). This can make a difference in the purchase cost of your car.

Where can you load the car?

You will need to charge an electric car regularly. An electric car drives by means of a battery that needs to be charged. You can charge on the road at a charging station or at home or in the street at a charging post. A charging station at home is often much cheaper than charging at a commercial station.

How long does it take to load?

Not unimportant is the charging time of your car. The charging time depends on the size of your battery in kW and the speed of charging in kWh. So before you buy an electric car, it is good to look at the battery. For an average battery of 54kWh, a 50kWh public charger will take about 64 minutes to fully charge the car. An average home charger of 7kWh will take about 7 hours and 42 minutes.

Do you want to buy a used electric car? Then it is important to check the quality of the battery. The range may decrease over time.

Combining with solar panels

Do you already have solar panels on your roof and do you want to buy an electric car? That is a perfect combination. The 'free' power that you generate with your panels can be used to charge your car. Our smart EV charger zappi makes this even easier. The device checks whether you have generated solar power and uses it to charge your electric car. Did you not generate enough power or do you have no solar panels? Then zappi uses energy from the grid. Via different modes, zappi can be set to charge your electric car only when the most advantageous tariff applies.

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