19 October 2021

Subsidy for the electric car

As a private individual in the Netherlands, when you purchase a fully electric passenger car or a private lease car, you may be eligible for the Subsidy for Electric Passenger Cars (SEPP). What does this subsidy for the electric car entail? And which conditions must I fulfil? We are happy to answer these questions in this article.

The electric car subsidy is valid for new and used electric passenger cars from the smaller or compact middle class. This scheme is valid in the Netherlands and can be applied for once, provided that you meet the conditions. In Belgium, until 2020, there was a zero-emission premium that stimulated the purchase of electric cars. This premium has now been abolished.

Conditions for the subsidy of the electric car

On the website of the RVO (National Office for Entrepreneurship) are the conditions you must meet to qualify for the subsidy for the electric car. The car you buy must be 100% electric with an action radius of at least 120 kilometres. The list price may not be lower than €12,000 or higher than €45,000. In addition, it may not be a converted car and the car must be produced as an electric car.

Do you doubt whether the electric car you have in mind is eligible for the subsidy? Check the list of importers and dealers whose vehicles definitely qualify.

Apply for subsidy

Electric driving is becoming increasingly popular. It is therefore not surprising that many people apply for the subsidy for the electric car. As a result, the available budget is rapidly running out. For 2021, there is no budget left. From January 2022, you can apply for a subsidy again.

The good news is that in 2022 the budget will be tripled, which means there will be opportunities to apply for subsidies for electric cars. Due to the decreasing purchase prices of electric cars, the subsidy is lower: € 3,350 instead of the planned € 3,700. The subsidy for second-hand cars remains € 2,000.

Please note that the purchase or lease agreement of the car must have been concluded in the same calendar year as the year in which you apply for the subsidy. If this is not the case, you will not be eligible for the SEPP. To be able to apply for an electric car subsidy in 2022, you must therefore have concluded a purchase or lease agreement on or after 1 January 2022. The date on which you conclude the purchase or lease agreement is leading. The electric car may not be registered in your name before 1 January 2022.

Source: rvo.nl

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