Dr Chris Horne

Commercial Director

Chris has always been passionate about engineering, innovation and making a difference to people’s

As a teenager, Chris used to buy old radios at jumble sales in order to salvage the components for his
own projects with radios, computer controls and some very early attempts at home automation (as
he describes it, the “not so smart” home). He studied Electrical and Electronic Engineering at
Imperial College, London, achieving a 1 st Class Honours degree and he was awarded the Greatorex
Prize for particular interest in Electrical Machines.

Chris then studied at Cambridge for a PhD in Electrical Machines before moving to Portsmouth to
work for Vosper Thornycroft Controls where he developed the electrical systems for ships and other
marine power systems.

In 2004 Chris joined PowerGen (now E.ON) in Nottingham at the their Power Technology Centre.
One of his first jobs with PowerGen was working on electric vehicles and he was responsible for
installing the first on-street EV charge point in the UK, in central London. Sadly, that charge point
has long since been decommissioned but his enthusiasm for electric vehicles has never gone away.
With E.ON Chris spent many years leading innovation that would improve energy efficiency, reduce
energy demand and carbon emissions, and increase the use of renewable energy. The focus was
always on how these new innovations could be turned into products that customers could
understand, afford and want to buy and Chris developed a team in the UK and Germany who worked
with technology partners and new start-ups, creating products with customers and then working out
how these could be brought to market efficiently. The products created by Chris’s team have been
shortlisted for Innovation awards and his former team have taken on leading roles with major
companies such as National Grid.

Chris describes being part of myenergi as his dream job – “being part of a team with such
enthusiasm, fantastic products and a pipeline of new ideas, based on a solid engineering but with
real innovation and a focus on the customer – it certainly makes it easy to get up in the morning!”.
Chris is married with three children at school and university. Music is very important to his family;
Chris and his wife met through the Imperial College Choir and still enjoy singing together as
members of one of the Southwell Cathedral choirs. He also enjoys walking in the Peak District.
Chris is also the Director of a Community Benefit Society – a not for profit business that has built a
fibre optic broadband network for the houses in the in the village where he lives.